Neurotech Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions for a rapidly changing environment.

Today, IT organizations struggle with challenging goals including complying with multiple industry and regulatory requirements; protecting their business against internal and external threats; and maximizing infrastructure performance, uptime and availability, while reducing costs. The business realities of the past few years mean many companies are also trying to achieve these goals with fewer staff members. Our Value Added Resell allow enterprise organizations to meet their compliance, security, availability and performance goals - leveraging Neurotech experts with deep technical knowledge and experience - while benefitting from a lower and predictable monthly cost..

Servers and Infrastructure

We offer several different computing hardware from entry-level servers based on x86 architecture, to mid-level and high-end performance super computers and engineered systems to address all your computing needs. Our specialization in engineered systems ensures that we can help our customers reduce their hardware footprint while significantly increasing the performance to cost ratio. We have key expertise in deploying the following hardware infrastructure..

Cloud Computing

As businesses move to more cost effective and operational efficient computing models, we at Neurotech have made the transition and journey less arduous for our customers by providing the necessary tools and expertise to integrate legacy systems to future compliant cloud platforms. Whether it’s a private cloud, a managed cloud, hybrid cloud or a public cloud, Neurotech is your go-to cloud-computing partner.

Middleware & business process integration

Today’s businesses are complex enterprises supported by several business units each with a set of processes fulfilling a specific business need. For this enterprise to run smoothly, these units must implement interfaces for sharing businesses data across the various applications. Neurotech™ expertise in SOA, middleware and business process integration ensures that businesses can have transparent and seamless integration of the various applications and present business users with a consistent and up to date information and reports.