What adds value when evaluating the "best" platform for Critical Commericial Workloads?

Africa Neurotech Systems; As an IBM Field Delivery Partner (FDP) and IBM Power systems virtualization Specialized Partner, adds value to implementing complete IT solutions by providing critical services to help with smooth and rapid deployment and migrations while addressing the above concerns. Value added when evaluaing "the best" platform for Critical Commercial workloads are.

  • -Investment Protections - minimal platform disruptions with tiely technology advancements (HW and ISV SW)
  • -Reliablity, Availability and Serviceability
  • -Performance and Workload Priority
  • -Scalability for intended and unexpected growth
  • -Security No one wants to be (a) Target
  • -Cost Saving as the icing on the cake

With a tested & proven service delivery strategy Neurotech is focused on; Adapting to Clients environment & needs so as to advice on the choice of proven operating systems: AIX, IBM i, Red Hat and SUSE Linux Providing consultancy & implementation strategies on IBM power systems, supported applications, third-party software tools and a wide range of hardware components that match with client’s requirement.

Enable clients manage the TCA/TCO by Adding only the resources required during system design and implementation; Add additional CPUs for better performance, Add additional memory for cache-sensitive workloads, Add SSD for reduced I/O latency, Leverage existing disks for tiered storage.

Scale up and configure fewer, more powerful servers; Fewer systems means less to manage, Less complex RAC configurations.

Solution designs that allows mixing of applications and database on the same machine Includes test and production environments in a logically Isolated and secure operating environments. Enabling clients realize benefits of IBM POWER8 Systems built on cutting edge technology;

About Neurotech

Africa Neurotech systems is an Enterprise ICT solutions provider and IBM Partner in Africa with Headquarters in Nairobi Kenya and branches in Uganda and Malawi. Neurotech is a leading IT solutions and services provider for business with special expertise serving the financial services. Industry, Manufacturing, telecommunications, and the public sector. Neurotech’s innovative ICT solutions enables clients to optimize, secure, manage and support their mission-critical infrastructure In addition to the above service delivery strategy, Neurotech will at all times ensure that IBM solutions offered to her clients are of utmost Reliability, Availability & serviceability by implementing the below RAS features;